Anthony Havelocke PhD

Gunsmith, Explorer, Daredevil, Inventor


Anthony Havelocke is a man known for his unrivaled ability to make things worse for himself and others, while simultaneously making it better in the process. He is known to be daring, and put himself in situations that would make his party exclaim “Why would you do that!?”, yet, due to his quick thinking and iron commitment to return to the one he loved, he always escaped the icy claws of death.


Anthony resides in Jeresh, where he expanded his family buisness, making Havelocke’s Ordnance and Munitions. He would later found the guild: “Explorers of the World”. The guild is now run by his daughter Calarel S. Havelocke.

Currently he lives out his last days in his cottage on the Blooming Hill where he looks over the vast city of Jeresh. His wife at his side, with the occasional visit from children and grand children. But be wary, if one where ever to refer to him as “Old Man Havelocke”, one would best seek the nearest bulletproof mansized object for cover.

Anthony Havelocke PhD

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