Old words, old ways

That one first leg of the journey to Targas

So we headed east then north

I’m gonna miss something for sure, but I’ll try.

So, the party, having returned from cleansing two werewolves and acquiring the second key sat down and planned out the next move. It was decided in an act of democracy that they would travel to Targas by caravan, trading and gathering information along the way.

The first leg of the journey was calm, taking us through Hightower and to Duvik’s Pass. Some other traders shared their knowledge of the lay of the land, telling us about what to look out for and also sharing some legends about the tower Poisson and the shifting lands it was built upon. With creatures living in the stone itself.
One trader in particular also told us that Tievmore is a very reclusive settlement, inhabited mostly by those who fend for themselves and rarely trade.
Dodrom rarely takes in trading caravans, instead relying on the ships passing by on their way to Targas.
Steeplefall however is a community of farmers very willing to trade with those passing by.
He also told us to expect to pay a toll for using the road once we pass onto the high road shortly after Steeplefall.

When we reached Duvik’s Pass the party split up, each member having something of their own to do. Baltock returned to the dwarven clan Grimbeard for whom he had previously worked, and was received with open arms. He shared with them some of his trove of fireforged steel, in addition to exchanging information about smithing.

Liam set off to find himself an upgrade to his armor, thinking that the perfect place to find a mithril chain would be the dwarven city known for it’s veins of silver. He ran into a merchant and smith who offered him a deal. The deal was that he, and the party, go check out a mine that the merchant was interested in acquiring. The mine was said to contain a metal beyond description, both light as a feather and biting like heavy steel.
If the party were to find proof of this metal existing in the mine the merchant would rewards us generously. If we did not find any of the metal, but still provided proof of having checked out the mine then the merchant would provide Liam with his mithril suit. Baltock bartered himself to a small amount of the metal if it were to be found within the mine.
The mine itself was said to be a two days trek to the east of Duvik’s Pass, close to where the party suspects the First Vault to be situated.

Vilvan searched around the city for the day, trying to expand his knowledge of alchemy and poisons in particular. He bought a stack of books of varying subjects from a dwarven apothecary.

Liselle searched out the mages guild and their library in hopes of finding someone to help her decipher the journal that she had found in the mansion previously. In the library she met a dwarf from clan Mallethill who gladly offered to take a look at the journal. They agreed that she would return the next day and that he would share what he had gleaned from it. She spend the rest of the afternoon trading at the markets.

The party reconvened at the inn as the evening was drawing near. Liam had taken to the stage to show up the dwarven performers whilst Baltock and Vilvan downed shots of the strongest drink in Duvik’s Pass. They both did so admirably. When Liam returned to the table he was offered a bottle of the strong whisky and encouraged to take a shot. Upon doing so he stepped out of his body and saw beyond the planes, into the very creation itself.
On the morrow after Vilvan, Baltock and Liselle all woke up without any lasting impressions of yesterdays drinking. Liam however woke up outside of town, with a tattoo, still drunk.

Liselle went to pay a visit to the dwarven scholar, and upon reaching the library found the door swung open. She searched the lower hall for him but turned no trace of the dwarf himself. However she recovered some scattered notes and a copy of the journal, the original having disappeared just like the dwarf. The notes she found read the following:

Silvered Roses
Hollowed teeth,
… the anguish of the mighty …
In the pursuit of the spear …. The blades of bronze

Before she left she also searched the basement for anything hidden, and found a secret study hidden behind a tapestry. In there she found a heavy spellbook, a wand and some scrolls. She leafed through the spellbook, eager to find out what secrets it held, but quickly closed and hid it once she realized it was a necromancers tome.
On her way back to the inn she felt faint, and managed to figure out that the spellbook was probably posioned with a contact posion, but she had realized it too late. Frantically trying to scrub the posion off her hands she sent Nahryx to find Vilvan at the inn.
Nahryx made it there just in time to explain to Vilvan what was going on in panicked breaths before he was dismissed. Vilvan rushed to Liselles aid and with his expertise on posions managed to concoct an antidote that would save her from the poison.

The party then reconvened, decided on the journed to the east and arranged for the caravan to continue on without them, they would catch up later. They also arranged for horses to make travelling faster.

And the evening ended with the party on their way to set out to research the mine to the east.



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