Old words, old ways

Undead and stuff

aka what not to do in a temple of Pharasma

We find out/determine/somehow get to the conclusion that there’s a key resting under a temple of Pharasma on a small island outside of Targas.
So, the party hires a man to take them to the island by boat, and pay him to wait while we explore.

The priests greet us and ask our purpose on the island. Vilvan scores some poisonous plants and we somehow convince them to let us look in the vaults (I do not remember how) and the high priest leads the way. Finding out that one of the coffins is a false front we descend into the tunnels below, the high priest does not follow for that would be sacriliege.
The first bit is a ladder leading down into a circular cavern with an eerily blue pond that seems to glow. As the party searches the room they are beset upon by a necromancers golem and a phalanx of skeletal warriors.
The fight is hard but eventually the party succeeds.
Liam takes a dive into the water to find the key in one of the chests at the bottom. As he is doing so he is grabbed by a skeleton who tries to hold him down. He gets the key and manages to shake lose. Another skeleton teleports itself out of the cavern from the bottom of the pond.
Liselle also ends up in the water (can’t remember properly why) but they both get out of there. Ruh-roh, they’re poisoned.
Pooling their collective knowledge Liselle and Vilvan come to the conclusion that an antidote can be made from the flowers that Vilvan found earlier. This leads to them deciding to MacGyver together a lab from their belongings. With the help of Baltock they achieve something akin to a lab and Vilvans creates what he believes to be an antidote.
In the meantime Liam has checked out one of the corridors and found a chest that is larger on the inside.
Antidotes are ingested and together the party checks out the other corridor. A room is found at the end of it, containing an altar.
Liselle studies it first, and is stunned by the spells inscribed by it. In an attempt to figure out what has happened to her Baltock is stunned by the spells as well.
After a short while has passed they both wake up again, seemingly fine.

At this point they are contacted by the leader of the whispers who asks them what in the hells they did and tells them they need to fix it right away. He’s even sending help (how quaint). After a short briefing of what exactly they let loose the party sets off to return topside.
The climb back up the ladder is a circus as Vilvan deftly avoids falling but knocks some rocks loose. These rocks proceed to hit Liselle in the head and she passes out and falls. Baltock catches her but as he tries to pass the hole in the wall left from where the rocks fell he loses his grip and falls.
This ends with Liselle and Baltock both riding up the tunnel in Liams chest.

Once outside they find the high priest with his chest torn open and his heart ripped out, the same fate had also befallen his apprentice and the man they asked to wait with the boat. The party does not know how to sail a boat but tries anyway and does so with some success, until they realize that stopping is a necessity once they’ve reached the harbor.

At the docks the help that the master of the whispers sent is waiting with horses for everyone. Telling them that they must hurry towards a cave where the skeleton of an ancient dragon rests for the whispers believe that the lich the party let loose wishes to turn that dragon into a drcolich.
The party makes it there just in time to witness the ritual come to completion, and faced with the reality of a dracolich in front of the Liam attempts to do what he once did to the wizards tower and speaks a syllable of fire.
This causes him and the dracolich to switch places so that the dragon skeleton is now fused and melded with the wall of the small passage where Liam was standing (gg bethesda). The fight is however not over. Baltock and Vilvan are fending off two smaller dragon skeletons, Liam is now caught on the other side of the dracolich, desperately throwing as many firebolts as he can at the undead creature.
Katya attempts to activate the liches staff and raises his corpse to serve her, instructing it to destroy the soulstone inside the dragons head. Then she gets blasted to all hell by the dragons breath attack, only surviving because she breaks the staff in honour of Pharasma.
Vilvan goes down with a pulverized knee and Baltock is not far behind, though they manage to destroy one of the small skeletons and almost kill the second one as well.
Liam manages to finish off the dracolich and the small skeletal dragon.
Then a lot of healing happens, everyone is OK. They will be FINE.

Then loot montage.

Then back in Targas getting rewards montage. Titles and deeds. And a banquet. Banquet hasn’t happened yet though, but it will.
Liam realizes a regicide has taken place when he presents the king of a previous kings banner. DUN-dun-dun, shit’s gonna go down.



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