Old words, old ways


aka I forgot a lot of details

We got back to Duvik’s Pass and were supposed to catch up with the caravan. But then we met the shadows and got teleported to Targas waves hands around in uncertainty

We end up in Targas and each one of us picks a faction to join. Liam joins the casty mages, Liselle joins the studious mages, Baltock joins the knights and Vilvan becomes a ranger. Each one of them goes through a joining ritual designed to see if they have what is demanded of them by the faction they have joined.
Liam runs into a doppelganger when he is going through his entrance exam and blows out the top floors of the mages guild tower. The leader of the casty mages faction is not impressed. Liam is impressed by her however and tries to court her favour.
Vilvan goes off to live in the wilderness for a while, Baltock has guard duty and Liselle reads a lot.
Everyone passes! Rejoice!



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