Old words, old ways

What's mine is, uh ... mine

Aka scaling pig mountain

So, we set off some time around lunch, I think. Maybe earlier. Either way, walking happened. Through mountains.
First we came across the ruin of a dwarven watchpost and some manual persuasion got the door open. Inside we found a spear and not much else (that I can remember), Baltock brought the spear with him.
After some deliberation about what we should do or not do we decided to head further into the dwarven stronghold, or what was left of it. The door had scorchmarks and we discussed the possibility of dragons (both in and out of character) but finally reached the conclusion that we would enter. The doors riddle was swiftly solved by stabbing it with the spear and we continued further in.
As we did so a mysterious song filled the halls, echoing from far below. Liams quick realization of what this might be saved us as he himself broke out into song, countering the supernatural effects of the haunting song from below.
Pressing on we reached a central part of the dwarven stronghold. We found large buildings dedicated to forges and smelters, a guildhouse belonging to the dwarven mages as well as a courthouse. We searched the forges and smelters and Baltock found a set of masterwork mithral tools and a single ingot of a gleaming silver metal. A search of the courthouse gave us some clues as to what had happened here. A large shipment of materials used to summon and bind an elemental seemed to be one of the very last things brought to the stronghold. The mages guildhouse proved inaccessible so the group pushed on into the living quarters of the stronghold. We searched the house of the family who ruled the mages guild and found a note urging us to leave this very instance. Liselle pilfered the bookshelves and after another deliberation the group once again decided to push onwards.
At this point we were surrounded by mephits of all kinds, magma, fire, ash and smoke mephits all gathered around us. All speaking as one they came to bear the message that their master offered us an audience, it was clear from what was left unsaid that declining would be a major faux pas.
We followed the mephits and they brought us to the source of the singing. A giant elemental, a lord in his own right, tending to a forge while singing. He did not turn to speak to us, instead passing his messages along through the mephits. He introduced himself as the trapped lord, and explained how he had been summoned and bound here by the dwarves. In exchange for a promise to find a way for him to return to his own plane he taught Liam a few words in the language of ancient ignan, and imparted upon Liselle the true name of a mephit. Liselle summoned this mephit, and in exchange for a gemstone the small outsider agreed to follow the party and share what knowledge it had.
The party backtracked out of the stronghold, stopping once again at the mages guild in the hopes that maybe they could now find a way inside. Alas it was not to be this time either. Upon reaching the entrance of the stronghold the party found a fitting rock cropping to se up camp. During the night hired thugs attempted to sneak up upon said camp, but ultimately failed as rocks and arrows rained from above.
On one of the thugs we found a note that indicated that the mine had been a trick and that we were supposed to be captured when we reached it. Despite this we continued the whole way to the mine to check it out. On the way we found where the thugs had previously had their camp, but not much else. And so began the trek back to Duvik’s pass.



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